Trafalgar Square Pinhole, by Vince Donovan

Trafalgar Square Pinhole, by Vince Donovan

May 11 : Direct Positive Pinhole Photography

Saturday May 11 noon - 5pm

Limit 8 Students

Ilford's Direct Positive Paper adds a whole new dimension to pinhole photography. Expose this magic paper in any camera-ish box and out will come a complete positive photograph! No negative involved, no printing required.

In this workshop we'll build pinhole cameras and learn how simple techniques to handle and process Ilford Direct Positive paper and deal with its quirks. This workshop is suitable for ages 12 and up.

Workshop fee includes 4 4x5 sheets of Ilford Direct Positive Paper. Additional sheets will be available for $1 each.

We’ll be constructing pinhole cameras in this workshop. If you have your own 4x5 pinhole or large format camera that you prefer to work with, select the “I have my own camera” option below.

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